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   One ton of PT Heat bricks give you the same heat as a full cord
   of wood – but takes up less than half of the space.
Our wood bricks are a convenient, clean and green alternative to cord wood.
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If you’re looking for high quality alternative to cord wood, you've come to the right place. At PT Products, LLC we offer the best in compressed sawdust wood bricks and logs. PT Products, LLC is located in Boyne City Michigan in the same building as Kirtland Wood Pellets at 1 Altair Drive. 
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Consult the manufacturer of your appliance on the appropriate use of this product.
Avoid stacking bricks too close to the glass windows or doors of your appliance or fireplace. 
Use only in an appliance designed and intended for burning wood and other wood related products. 
Use only in an appliance that is properly maintained, properly ventilated and has been inspected for safety by a qualified technician. Store and keep your PT Heat bricks in a dry location.